Is Windsor Island Resort Vacation Rental Management Right For Your Property?

If managing your vacation rental is taking up all of your time, you need help. Here are some signs that Windsor Island Resort vacation rental management from Roseus can be the partner you’ve been looking for.

Owning vacation rental property can be a smart investment. Known as passive income, it can be a way to earn revenue without a lot of work. That is if you hire a Windsor Island Resort vacation rental management company to help. But how do you know if partnering with a management company is right for your property?

If you’re asking yourself these questions, then you need to partner with a Windsor Island Resort vacation rental management company.

How Much Time Does It Take To Manage A Vacation Rental Property?


There is work to do before your rental is even available for a reservation, work to be done during a guest’s stay, some after their stay, and even more work you have to do to prepare for the next guest’s stay. Let’s break it down. 

Pre-Listing: You must interview and contract with cleaning and maintenance companies, list your rental, and draft instructions and rules for your guests. You also need to answer questions from interested parties about your rental via phone and email. Before your first guest arrives, you need to do a final walkthrough to ensure everything is working and ready.

During your guests’ stay: You must be available 24/7 if a guest has a problem. If they lock themselves out or the oven breaks, or if there is an emergency, you need to be reachable.

Windsor Island Resort vacation rental managementPost-Stay: After your guest leaves, there is plenty to do. You need to communicate with them, asking if their stay was satisfactory. Next, you need to follow up with the cleaning and maintenance crews to make sure that your property is ready for your next guest. If any damages occurred during the last guest’s stay, depending on the severity, you may need to file an insurance claim and schedule a repair.

There’s no hard and fast rule about how much time it takes to manage a vacation rental property, but as you can see, it can be a full-time job and then some. Imagine if you have multiple properties! You’d never get any rest. And didn’t you embark on this investment for the passive income? Now, can you see why you need help from Windsor Island Resort vacation rental management?

How Do I Know What To Charge For My Vacation Rental?

Finding the sweet spot of maximizing your revenue can be tricky. Charge too much, and no one will book. Charge too little, and you won’t make a profit. At Roseus, our industry-leading analytics tools will ensure your property is getting the latest and most profitable pricing regardless if it’s a slow season or spring break. Take the guesswork out of pricing by partnering with us.

How Do I Advertise My Vacation Rental?

If you don’t partner with a Windsor Island Resort vacation rental management team, getting the word out about your property can be tough. We use the latest in cutting-edge marketing to get your property optimum exposure and booking. We show your property to the right guests at the right time.

Do I Need To Hire Windsor Island Resort Vacation Rental Management To Help?

If all of these tasks sound overwhelming, it’s time to contact our team at Roseus. Let us take the stress out of vacation property management by doing it all for you. Once you hand over your keys, we’ll take it from there. With over 15 years of hotel and financial management experience, we know how to take excellent care of your property and your guests. Contact us today to join our flock and get back to enjoying your passive income.