2023 Vacation Trends Our Windsor Island Resort Home Rental Property Management Team Is Watching

As we welcome the new year, we also welcome new vacation trends for 2023. Our Windsor Island Resort home rental property management team is keeping a close eye on these as they all have a direct impact on our rental properties. 

Resolutions often involve travel and finally booking that next vacation. From extended work-from-home trips and quality time with family, to a focus on nostalgic attractions and the great outdoors, these expected 2023 trends can have a huge impact on how the rental market will do and your property’s revenue possibilities

Here are the 2023 vacation trends our Windsor Island Resort home rental property management team is watching:

Extended WFH Trips

With the increase of remote workers and work from home opportunities since the pandemic, resorts and popular vacation spots (such as Central Florida) are seeing more guests choosing longer, extended stays and trips. Instead of just taking a long weekend trip and maybe a few days of PTO, WFH workers are able to spend an entire week or even longer in any destination they want, (as long as they have wifi) taking time to explore when they’re off the clock.

Remote workers often need more room to spread out and desire a rental home over a hotel for this reason.

Family Travel

Another trend that will be big in 2023 is traveling with family. Family travel is expected to rise by nearly 25% annually. Sharing once-in-a-lifetime trips with the people you love the most is what is most important for many travelers.

To go on these trips, vacationers will need larger spaces meant for families to share – which is good news for vacation home owners!

Mental Health Break

While vacations are often an opportunity for creative inspiration and culture, more than ever today, they’re about unplugging and relaxation. American Express Travel reports that 74% of vacationers plan to travel more in 2023 for their wellbeing. 

To reduce stress and prioritize wellness-focused travel, we’ll see increased visits to warm beachy locations like Florida.

Nostalgic GetawaysWindsor Island Resort Home Rental Property Management

It seems many travelers are missing the good old days. Vacationers are ready to revisit destinations that speak to their childhood. 

You can be confident that Disney Parks will be the destination of choice for many of your vacation guests. There is no shortage of nostalgic tourist attractions in the Central Florida area. These are some of the top reasons guests return to the Sunshine State year-after-year.

Outdoor Adventures

2023 will also be a big year for adventure and prioritization of outdoor activities. We saw this in 2022, after the pandemic shifted our focus to being outdoors and enjoying the natural world.

Between the myriad of local outdoor attractions, parks, and the beautiful Florida landscape, this trend could be huge for you and your rental property since Central Florida is filled to the brim with accessible outdoor adventures.

These 2023 vacation trends will do wonders for your booking calendars and property’s revenue. Our Windsor Island Resort home rental property management team is here to help guide you into the new year. Give Roseus a call TODAY!