Orlando Resort Property Management: 5 Home Features Guests Are Looking For This Year

In a market flush with resort properties, you need your home to stand out to prospective renters. Take it from our Orlando resort property management team—these are some of the features guests are searching for in 2023.

Did you know that 97% of rental vacation decisions are directly impacted by the level of available home amenities at their booking? As an owner, considering the home features your guests may need or want is a crucial component of a successful resort property listing. Having worked with brands like Disney and Hilton, our Orlando resort property management team has the valuable insight you need to set up a thriving rental home. We’re all about sharing, so read on for the rundown of the top features you should keep in mind for your rental property.

1. Ample Parking

A great home feature does not always require a huge installation or a messy construction process. Did you know that offering parking at your rental property can increase your home’s value by 5%? Planning plentiful parking for cars of all sizes is a simple way to boost your guest experience and improve the convenience and safety of your property. 

By designating a selection of clearly-marked parking spaces—whether on the street, driveway, or another location nearby—you are able to remove one common stressor for busy vacationers ready to enjoy a relaxing stay at your home.

2. A Pool or Hot Tub

Are you considering expanding your outdoor area and installing a pool or hot tub? Among a long list of home features, these two amenities rank top of the list among the most popular and profitable for vacation homes. Owners of rental properties with these features can even charge a 20-25% premium on listings in some markets. This means the investment could pay for itself in only a couple of short months. 

Our Orlando resort property management team has seen great success from listings with water features. We recommend the installation of a pool or hot tub for any Orlando-based rental home with the goal of building value and increasing guest attraction. 

3. Home Appliances

Unlike a hotel, a vacation rental property often provides a homier guest experience with the opportunity to stay in a home setting, cook meals, and use appliances like a dishwasher and washing machine. Those who book an extended trip, or have pets or children, welcome the ability to conveniently wash clothes and towels after a day in the Florida sun. Appliances like a stove, oven, or grill are ideal for those looking to chef it up while enjoying a relaxing vacation.

With an Orlando resort property management team like Roseus Vacations, guests can always rely on 24/7 support from a local team. Whether your guests report a broken faucet or a malfunctioning dryer, our maintenance staff will be on-call for any needs your guests may have during their stay.

4. A Clean and Well-Supplied Environment 

It’s simple: When you are vacationing, you want to feel your most relaxed. Little details like a dirty kitchen or a lack of household necessities can make or break a booking. Our Orlando resort property management team provides spotless housekeeping between each visit so your guests feel valued in their clean rental space.

Vacationers are also provided with hotel-quality amenities in the kitchen, bathrooms, and beyond, so guests always have exactly what they need—and then some. Are you looking for more ideas? You could also consider adding a coffee station, basic cooking oils in the kitchen, and a set of pet bowls for furry visitors. 

5. A Porch

Are you contemplating a porch expansion? Let us influence your decision: A patio has been shown to add 8-10% to a home’s value, as well as bring in an ROI of 80%. Our Orlando resort property management team recommends a porch as a fantastic addition to any home for added seating, and as a way to enjoy the beautiful local scenery—from sunrise to sunset. 

If you’re looking to take the guest experience up a notch, add window screens to prevent bugs, a game cabinet, or a roll-down projector TV for ultimate relaxation.

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