How Much Does An Orlando Vacation Rental Management Company Charge? 

Whether your vacation rental is your primary business or a secondary source of income, you want to make sure you’re investing in an Orlando vacation rental management company that is able to take your property to the next level. 

Not only will a great Orlando vacation rental management company provide valuable experience and insight, but it can also improve the overall value of your vacation rental. Properties that use a management company typically see a 5% increase in annual rent value. If you’re looking to enlist help for your own vacation rental, here’s everything you need to know about the basics of pricing, benefits, and more. 

What is a Vacation Rental Management Company?

A vacation rental management company handles all aspects of your rental property, from providing tailored advertising to scheduling property inspections and housekeeping. These companies are often hired by rental owners who are ready to save time and scale up their home’s bookings and yearly income. 

How to Know if You’re Ready for a Vacation Rental Management Company

While any rental property can benefit from an Orlando vacation rental management company, many owners choose to begin the rental process on their own. However, if you live out of state, work another job, or are juggling other rental properties, your daily tasks may become overwhelming. 

Consider the value of your time and the budget you have allotted for your individual property or group of properties. Because an Orlando vacation rental management company has the sole focus of managing rentals and creating a higher return on investment (ROI), bringing on help is often the best choice for those ready to scale up their stream of income. 

You may be ready to bring on a vacation rental management company if:

  • You find yourself constantly running short on time. Being a good rental property owner can be a full-time job, and if you don’t have the time to do it well, you may need to outsource.
  • You are struggling to keep up with bookings, and your email and phone communication with potential guests is slow. You also may have timeliness issues scheduling cleaners, inspections, and maintenance. 
  • You haven’t had time to advertise your property, or you’re not sure how, and you feel like you’re losing money.

The Standard Cost of a Vacation Rental Company

The cost for an Orlando vacation rental management company can greatly vary. It usually is a percentage of the monthly rental value of a vacation rental property. However, a vacation rental management company like Roseus Vacations covers core owner services by using reservation commissions and guest fees so there is never a monthly management fee. We’re all about 100% satisfaction and transparency, so you’ll never deal with any surprise charges on your monthly billing. 

What’s Included in Vacation Rental Management Services?Orlando vacation rental management company

An Orlando vacation rental management company typically handles:

  • Advertising
  • Revenue management
  • Guest services
  • Screenings
  • 24/7 support
  • Cleaning, maintenance, and inspections
  • And more

Roseus Vacations offers a few unique vacation rental management services including access to an established database of guests, smart home technology installations, and personalized VIP services and amenities for guests.

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