Beginner’s Guide To Orlando Vrbo Property Management: 3 Places To Start

Orlando is the perfect place to own an investment property. Renting out your vacation home in Central Florida through a third-party booking site, like Vrbo, can be a steady and reliable passive income stream. Read on to learn more about the Orlando Vrbo property management options at Roseus and how our team can help you increase your rental income.

What Is Vrbo?

Vrbo is an acronym for Vacation Rentals By Owners. The company is a vacation rental platform where property owners or managers can directly list vacation properties for short-term rent. Vrbo was founded in 1995 and has grown to offer over 2 million vacation rentals.

Is Vrbo Different From Airbnb?

Vrbo’s slogan, Travel better together, encapsulated the platform’s focus on offering full-space vacation rentals that cater to larger groups of vacationers and families. Airbnb often caters to people looking for shorter and more affordable accommodations or people looking for quick stays in a specific location. When listing with Vrbo, owners must list their entire vacation property for rent. Whereas with Airbnb, property owners can rent out multiple rooms or shared spaces in one vacation property.

Vrbo tends to be more family-friendly vacation rentals that are property-centric, whereas Airbnb focuses more on the variety of rental options and host hospitality. Vrbo hosts and guests do not have profiles like on Airbnb, which makes it more challenging to see reviews or view other properties that the host owns. However, Vrbo has strict qualifications for a host to be considered a Premier Partner, similar to Airbnb’s Superhost. Owners with low rates of cancellations and high average guest ratings above 4.5 qualify for the Vrbo Premier Partner label.  

3 Things To Consider When Listing Your Vacation Rental With Vrbo:

#1- Visibility And Exposure Of Your Rental Property

Read on to learn more about the Orlando Vrbo property management options at Roseus and how our team can help you increase your rental income.One of the many benefits of listing your vacation property on Vrbo is listing visibility and property exposure. Not only will your rental property be listed on Vrbo, but it will also appear on the company’s affiliate sites: HomeAway, Expedia, Trivago, and KAYAK

Listing on large channels like Vrbo and Airbnb helps rental owners reach more potential guests, but direct booking options can cut the cost of commission fees. Roseus helps vacation property owners list and manage rentals on the largest third-party booking platforms for maximum exposure. Along with our Orlando Vrbo property management, we also help owners increase flexibility with direct booking options.  

#2- Competitive Seasonal Pricing

Listing on Vrbo allows vacation rental owners and their property management team to compare similar properties in their region across other third-party booking sites and offer the best competitive seasonal rates. This benefit lowers the vacancy percentage year-round and fights off the challenges of a seasonal vacation market.

Our property management company capitalizes on this aspect of listing properties on vacation rental platforms like Vrbo so that we can provide effective revenue management. At Roseus, we use top-tier analytics tools to determine the best rental rate based on the vacation market and time of year. Then, we tailor the marketing plan to get our rental owners’ properties in front of the right audience at a competitive rate.  

#3- Maintaining High Booking And Upkeep Standards

Owners and property managers that list vacation rental properties on Vrbo must maintain a high level of booking dependability. Vrbo offers a Book with Confidence Guarantee that provides guests payment protection to guard against fraudulent rental listings. 

It also allows guests access to re-booking specialists who handle rescheduling a stay at another location if they can’t rent a specific property or if their rental gets canceled last minute. However, this beneficial feature is not rental insurance. If a guest cancels a stay, they may not be refunded unless they have purchased trip insurance.

How Roseus Can Help You Capitalize On Your Vrbo Listings

At Roseus, we offer Orlando Vrbo property management. Our team manages vacation properties on Vrbo for owners in the most popular Central Florida vacation spots, and we have earned the title of Premier Partner on Vrbo. We take care of regular property upkeep and ensure vacation rentals gain exposure on recognized platforms. Contact us today to see how our Orlando Vrbo property management options can extend the reach of your vacation rental property.