4 Ways Arrived Homes Utilizes Our Florida Property Management Services

Our Florida property management services team at Roseus has recently signed to manage Arrived Homes in our local Central Florida area. Read on to discover how this growing investment platform plans to utilize our expert property management team and worry-free services to simplify the process of caring for vacation rental properties in our popular tourist hub. 

What Is Arrived Homes?

Arrived Homes is a real estate crowdfunding platform that allows everyday investors to purchase shares of rental property. The company aims to make investing in residential and vacation real estate properties more accessible and feasible to anyone who desires to take advantage of the benefits of investment property ownership. Investors can buy shares through Arrived Homes with rental property investments starting as low as $100 with immediate passive income earning potential

The investment platform has enlisted the help of established property management companies and hospitality experts, like the team at Roseus, to care for their vacation home rentals. By doing this, the Arrived Homes platform has eliminated the need for rental investors to oversee investment properties.

Here are four ways that our Florida property management services help vacation rental home investors:  

Oversee Home Design And Furnishing

The Roseus team will ensure that each vacation rental property is designed and furnished to keep guests comfortable during their vacation stays. We aim to make each vacation rental home guest-friendly, comfortable and inviting. Full-service care includes providing hotel-quality amenities and items for kitchens, bathrooms, and more.   

Regular Vacation Rental Upkeep

Florida property management servicesIn addition to taking care of vacation rental home design and furnishing needs, our Florida property management services will include regular maintenance and upkeep of each short-term vacation rental property. Guests will have continuous support from the Roseus guest services team. On-call staff will provide 24/7 support to ensure that rental properties and guests are cared for no matter the time of day or night. 

Regular property inspections, groundskeeping tasks, and spotless housekeeping services will be performed between each rental guest stay to keep properties pristine and guest-ready year-round. Our comprehensive Florida property management services also work to coordinate any home repairs or in-depth maintenance calls that may arise at each managed property. 

Expertise As A Local Boutique Property Management Company

Another advantage of utilizing local property management companies to care for these investment properties is each company’s familiarity with their surrounding area and the tourist attractions guests come to visit. 

Boutique property management companies like Roseus provide a personalized and hyperlocal hosting experience for vacation rental investors and their guests. Our team knows the Central Florida area well, and we can easily provide information about local theme parks, sporting events, restaurants, beaches, parks, and more. 

Targeted Marketing Efforts

Roseus will provide essential, worry-free services for Arrived Homes investors. Our team will also partner with the investment platform to showcase their vacation rental properties on popular third-party booking sites and our direct booking webpage. These multichannel advertising efforts will contribute to a decrease in rental vacancies and an increase in return guest retention rates.

Our Florida Property Management Services Can Help

Whether you have purchased shares on the Arrived Homes investment platform or if you own a vacation rental property in the Central Florida area, our team can help. Contact our office today and learn how our experienced team of property management experts can make your rental home shine.